2021 Program


Ms. Kristie Preston, LMFT and Clinical Director at Optum San Diego Public Sector is responsible for the oversight of the clinical operations which includes the San Diego Access and Crisis Line.  The Access and Crisis Line (ACL) provides crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and behavioral health referrals for all San Diego County residents.  The ACL is also a partner with the National Suicide Prevention Line.  She presented information on the trends they are experiencing in managing the Access and Crisis Line calls as well as resources for connecting people that may be in crisis.


Mr. Dan Leiner, Area Manager with Cal/OSHA Consultation spoke on how Cal/OSHA has been ensuring worker safety and health during the pandemic both before and after the adoption of Cal/OSHA’s COVID-19 regulations.  He also reviewed a multitude of available COVID-19 occupational safety and health resources available on the internet, including Cal/OSHA’s page that includes detailed information on companies that have been cited for COVID-19-related violations.


Mr. Dan Leiner, Area Manager CAL/OSHA Consultation reviewed the CAL/OSHA COVID – 19 related regulations as they are evolving as more information is identified from the medical professionals.


Mr. Dan Leiner, Area Manager CAL/OSHA Consultation spoke on Cal/OSHA’s most cited regulations. As a safety and health professional, it’s good to know what Cal/OSHA Enforcement Officers commonly cites during their inspections so those hazards and/or issues and are established, implemented, maintained, and corrected in a timely manner not just to help get through an inspection without receiving citations and penalties, but to ensure your workers have a safe work environment.  


Ms. Caroline Tiffany is a retail industry loss prevention professional who specializes in fraud investigations, financial crimes, ORC – organized retail crimes and E-fencing, internal and external theft cases.  With her 35 years of expertise, Caroline has been essential in developing ways to coach and train leaders on how to identify and reduce theft.  She currently is the District Asset Protection Manager for the Southern California Division of Vons, Albertsons, Pavilions in the greater Los Angeles area and has oversite of organized retail crime in the Southern California Division.

Recognizing her strength early in her career, led Caroline to join an exclusive task force to create an organization where loss prevention leaders come together to share resources and prevention strategies.  The organization is called Los Angeles and California Organized Retail Crime Association (LAORCA and CalORCA).


Mr. Joseph M. Rodriguez has retired from The City of Santa Ana.  He worked in Parks and Recreation, Community Service, Park Ranger, Planning Department, and Code Enforcement Division and Santa Ana Police Department.  After retiring, he continued to serve the community by assisting local businesses, residents and non-profit organizations with issues related to property and business practices.

He joined the Santa Ana Elks Lodge in 2017 and became an Officer and servs as Lecturing Night. Here is has done presentations on Active Shooter awareness, Emergency Evacuation Procedures, and is currently organizing First Aid certification, CPR and AED training and Mediation training.

He will be speaking to us about what he has developed for the Santa Ana Elks Lodge 794 on Emergency Action Plan.