2020 Programs


Mr. Crist Wagner spoke on what we can do to be prepared for a fire at our home or work place.  Mr. Dan Leiner spoke on “Cal/OSHA’s NEW Protection from Wildfire Smoke Regulation” and  reviewed the changes to Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 5141.1 defining what constitutes a “serious injury” that is deemed reportable by employers to Cal/OSHA.


No meeting this month due to COVID-19.


Mr. Dan Leiner reviewed how Cal/OSHA is addressing COVID-19 and how we need to implement new safety efforts to comply with our ever changing work environment.  He reviewed the key elements that have been added to the IIPP guidelines and discussed about the different types of respiratory protective devices.


Mr. Peter Gin  reviewed key ergonomic concepts and things to remember as we continue work from home due to the current situation.  Mr. Dan Leiner provide an update on the latest news from Cal/OSHA.


Mr. Dan Leiner reviewed the Cal/OSHA Wildfire Smoke regulation as we currently have many fires happening in California.  He also give a quick overview on latest news from Cal/OSHA.


Mr. Crist Wagner provided us a visual overview on Hand Gun Safety.  He showed us the different types of revolvers and how to safely handle a gun.  He has offered to our membership to go with him to actively shoot hand guns.  You will need to contact him directly to coordinate a time to go.  Mr. Dan Leiner also provided a brief overview of the upcoming regulation for COVID-19.