2019 Programs


Mr. Dan Leiner provided a recap of the 2018 Cal/OSHA Updates.  Regulations adopted by Cal/OSHA during 2018 were either very specific to a certain industry (Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention) or were not very relevant to our members (regulations on operator qualification and certification for cranes and derricks in construction; reinforcing steel concrete construction and post-tensioning operations; electric power generation, transmission, and distribution; and a new permissible exposure limit for benzyl chloride).  In November 2018, Cal/OSHA adopted an emergency regulation that applies to many companies in California – Electronic Reporting of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses. While employers covered by Federal OSHA have been required to submit their injury and illness data for the past couple years, employers in California have not been required to do so until November 1, 2018. Dan covered the reporting requirement of this newly adopted regulation, as the deadline for online submission of 2018 data is fast approaching.


Ms. Jennifer Press talk about “How to Build a Safety Culture”.  She reviewed how we can enhance our efforts to make our workplace a safe environment and get employees engaged to work safely.  This effort requires everyone’s buy in and open communication by all to make it happen.


Mr. Dan Leiner discussed occupational noise exposure and provided an overview of Cal/OSHA requirements.  As we age, we naturally start losing our hearing, but occupational noise exposure can significantly contribute to hearing loss.  It’s important to recognize when loud is too loud and the importance of noise monitoring in the workplace to determine if a Hearing Conservation Program is needed.  Dan provided information on how to easily screen your workplace for noise to determine if industrial hygiene monitoring needs to be performed.


Since our last meeting, there has been seismic activity throughout California, including a magnitude 7.1 earthquake near Ridgecrest along with warnings that “the big one” is coming.  Mr. Dan Leiner provided information on emergency preparedness for natural disasters.  In the past year, California has experienced several natural disasters… earthquakes, fires, chemical leaks, and floods.  He discussed how families and individuals can be better prepared for a natural disaster.


Ms. Jennifer Press reviewed what we can do to be prepared for a fire at our home or work place.  He discussed the Emergency Action Plan and Fire Prevention efforts.  She provided information on what to prepare for with your family and to plan out how to get everyone out and where to meet, supplies to have on hand and lastly, a review on what types of fire extinguishers and their proper uses.


No meeting this month.