2018 Program


CSSSP continues it’s tradition of having outstanding speakers at our bi-monthly meetings.  Here is what we covered this year.

February 2018
Morning Seminar – OSHA Recordkeeping guidelines presented by Dan Leiner.

Lunch Program – Mr. Dan Leiner walked us through all of the Cal OSHA updates for the upcoming year.  We had an open Q & A session for all attendees.

April 2018
Morning Seminar – Mr. Crist Wagner presented on “Powers to Arrest – Lawful use of Force”.  The session focused on the powers of a private citizen making a “Arrest” and lawful use of force.  We are able to know the difference between a police officer making an arrest and a private citizen making an arrest.  We were provided with knowledge of the legal responsibilities and elements of making a “Citizen’s Arrest”.

Lunch Program – Mr. Crist Wagner spoke on “Just Cause for Disciplinary Action” during our luncheon meeting.  He reviewed the definitions and how the statements help provide information in it use in the security arena.

June 2018
Morning Seminar – Mr. Dan Leiner presented on IH Sampling and how these results can help improve and create a safer work environment.  He also reviewed the OSHA 300A standard that Fed/OSHA will have it go into effect in July, 2018.

Lunch Program – Ms. Jennifer Keena presented on Behavior – Based Safety and how this continues to be a viable approach to managing safety efforts throughout many organizations.  She pointed out what influences your employee’s behavior and how you can change that behavior to prevent accidents and illnesses.

August 2018
Lunch Program – Mr. Peter Gin spoke on Home Office Ergonomics.  He reviewed the many common areas that need to be addressed and applied for when setting up a home office work space.

October 2018
Lunch Program – Our Chapter Co-President, Mr. Dan Leiner, presented information on mold and indoor air quality.  Cal/OSHA has one sentence in ALL of its regulations that addresses mold.  Mold is everywhere and it is important to control conditions in the workplace that encourage its growth. Once established and the proper conditions exist, mold can easily multiply, spread and affect people’s health and comfort.  Dan reviewed the hazards of mold and how to conduct an indoor air quality investigation.

December 2018
Lunch Program – Our Chapter Co-President, Ms. Jennifer Press and Mr. Crist Wagner presented  on Burden of Proof.  A review of materials that can help make evidence as a key element in what testimonial proof is as it relates to Dispute Resolution Protocol between the accuser and the accused in an altercation.