2012 Program

CSSSP is proud to present outstanding speakers at our bi-monthly meeting.  These presentations help educate our members and keep them current in their profession.

February 2012 
Mr. John McHugh, CEO of Versatile Systems, Inc. spoke on the New Fall Protection Standards and its impact on employers and employees.

April 2012
Mr. Mariano Kramer, Safety & Health Educator will be reviewing NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.  Mr. Kramer is a retired 20 year employee with Cal/OSHA.  He was a Compliance Safety Engineer and later a District Manger with Compliance.  He handled numerous electrical complaint inspections.  NFPA 70E is a national consensus standard developed by NFPA and industry experts.

June 2012
Ms. Linda Hunter, Past President, Safety & Health Educator, OSHA Outreach Trainer  spoke on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.  Ms. Hunter is a well-respected safety & health educator with over 20 years experienced in providing training to Employers and Employees alike.  She and Mr. Crist Wagner are presenting a 2 hour sexual harassment training session prior to the Chapter meeting and Ms. Hunter will provide an overview of the session with a question and answer period.

August 2012
Mr. Dan Leiner, Area Manager, Cal/OSHA Consultation Service spoke on Heat Illness in the Work Environment.  He reviewed the regulatory language pertaining to heat illness prevention which include access to water and shade, weather monitoring and acclimatization, high heat procedures, employee and supervisory training along with the written procedure requirements.

October 2012
Mr. Herman Jett, Area Manager, Cal/OSHA Consultation Service spoke on Confined Spaces.  Mr. Jett has had extensive experience in both Federal OSHA and Cal/OSHA as a Safety Engineer and Area Manager.  As Area Manager, he has the responsibilities to assist employers in developing IIPP programs; conduct hazard surveys and assist employers in maintaining effective health & safety programs. Mr. Jett’s office is located in La Palma and covers Southern California.
Mr. Jett reviewed the regulatory language of confined spaces which are in California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Sections 5156-5158.  He also explained the reasons for the Chief of Cal/OSHA to place a high emphasis on all inspectors to thoroughly review all employers Confined Space programs in their IIPP’s and  cite those employers who do not have adequate Confined Spaces programs in place and operational.

December 2012
Mr. Mark Pisani, Cal/OSHA Senior Safety Engineer, DOSH, Region IV spoke on the significant changes affecting Cal/OSHA’s General Industry Personal Protective Equipment regulation.
A change is being considered to a new subsection (f) to Section 3380 which mandates that employers in certain industries conduct a workplace evaluation to determine if and what types of PPE may be necessary and certify in writing that the hazard evaluation, selection and employee training relating to the required PPE has been performed.