2011 Program

CSSSP is proud to present outstanding speakers at our bi-monthly meeting.  These presentations help educate our members and keep them current in their profession.

February 2011
Ms. Joanette Lima, PT, MS, CPE.  Ms. Lima is an ergonomist at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.  Prior to joining the Resort Safety Team at Disneyland in 2007, she was a principal in an ergonomics consulting business for 18 years.  She is a physical therapist and certified professional ergonomist.  She presented a most stimulating and informative subject (ergonomics) that affects us all in the safety and security profession.

April 2011
Mr. Jeffrey L. Malek, Esq. of Malek & Malek is located in Torrance.  He is a past president of our organization and has been honored by the Chapter with the prestigious Safety & Security Professional of the Year Award.  Mr. Malek reviewed AB 2774 which became law on January 1, 2011.  AB 2774 defines “Serious Physical Harm” so that the Cal/OSHA program will comply with federal OSHA requirements.  This makes it easier for Cal/OSHA inspectors to cite serious violations.  Cal/OSHA inspectors have new procedures to follow to establish a serious violation and if these procedures are followed, Cal/OSHA will be able to more easily substantiate serious health and safety violations.  Employers may face more serious citations and higher penalties that are more likely to be upheld, often without reduction.

June 2011
Mr. John Galletta, II is a Deputy States Marshall to the Office of Law Enforcement Federal Air Marshal Service out of Los Angeles.  Mr. Galletta is the Area Radiation Specialist and a Certified Instructor at the Riverside Sheriff’s Department in Riverside, CA.
He spoke on the development, detection and prevention of “dirty bombs” activity in and around the Los Angeles Airport.  This is a timely topic on terrorist threats in our community.

August 2011
Mr. Mark Pisani, Senior Safety Engineer with Cal/OSHA reviewed the changes that are taking in effect on January 2011.  There are significant changes that were made to consolidate and improve Cal/OSHA’S portable ladder standards. These changes affect portable ladder use in general industry and construction.

October 2011
Mr. Dan Leiner, Area Manager, Cal/OSHA Consultation Service spoke on “Cal/OSHA Partnership Programs.  Mr. Leiner provided an overview of the three programs and reviewed the qualifications to participate in the partnership programs.  Some of the benefits of receiving recognition from the partnership programs include:

  1. Reduction in injuries and illnesses, thereby lowering workers’ compensation costs;
  2. Improvement in employee motivation often resulting in higher quality and productivity;
  3. Community recognition as a leader;
  4. Statewide recognition from their industry and government as a quality employer;
  5. Increased job referrals and bid acceptance.

December 2011
Mr. Mark Pisani, Cal/OSHA Senior Safety Engineer, DOSH Region IV spoke on Personal Protective Equipment – Hazard Assessment and Equipment Selection.  Many employers are unaware that in April 2011, Cal/OSHA General Industry Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) regulations was updated and now requires employers in certain industries to assess their workplace to determine if hazards exist or may exist, which requires the use of PPE.