2007 Program

CSSSP is proud to present outstanding speakers at our bi-monthly meetings.  These presentations help educate our members and keep them current in their profession.

December 2007
Chief Harlam “Lamb” Lambert with Allstates K-9 patrol/explosives, and bomb detection.  “Lamb” presented the use of dogs in detecting bombs and drugs in the workplace.

October 2007
Ms. Astra C. Townley, MS, ARM, CSP, with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, provides safety consulting and training services to national market loss prevention clients throughout the Pacific region.  She assists in the development and implementation of occupational health, ergonomics and disability management.  She will discuss how risk management interfaces and supports the health, safety and security professions.

August 2007
Dr. Denise Herz, Ph.D.  She is currently an Associate Professor at California State University Los Angeles in the School of Criminal Justice and Criminalities.  Dr. Herz has been working with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, and the Los Angeles County Probation Department to examine issues related to dependency court youths who “crossover” into delinquency.  Dr. Herz has authored several reports and academic journal articles related to her work.  Dr. Herz received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Criminology from the University of Maryland at College Park.  Dr. Herz will provide an overview on Criminal Justice, Security and Safety in their shared realities and provide examples of how these fields must communicate and collaborate to reach their commonly held goals of improving the public safety and the well being of the communities.

June 2007
Mr. Joseph M. Kaplan, President of Los Angeles National Safety Council, Emeritus, will give us an overview of the safety professions growth in California over the last 50 years.  He will also install the new Chapter Officers for 2007-2008.  There will be scholarships and awards presented.  Join us in the festivities and kicking off a new year for the Chapter.

April 2007
Mr. Herman O. Jett is the Area Manager of the CAL/OSHA Consultation Service at the Santa Fe Springs Office.  Herman will present an overview of the services offered by CAL/OSHA Consultation and an update on the activities of CAL/OSHA in general.

February 2007
Carla Slepak, Industrial Hygienist, from CAL/OSHA Consultation Services, will speak on the timely subject of the OSHA Log 300 and its significance in the workplace.