2005 Program

CSSSP is proud to present outstanding speakers at our bi-monthly meetings.  These presentations help educate our members and keep them current in our profession.

December 2005
Our speaker this month is Special Agent Regina Miles.  Regina has worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) since 1990.  She began her Bureau career in Buffalo, New York, working undercover, surveillance, bank robberies and drugs.  She moved to California in 1995 and is the Infraguard Coordinator for the Los Angeles Field Office.

October 2005
Our speaker this month is Det. Tony Gonzalez, with the Terrorism Early Warning Group.  He is the TLO Coordinator.  Det. Gonzalez has been a Deputy Sheriff for 18 years.  He has worked in the Custody System, Patrol Units, Gang Unit, School Liaison Unit, and in 1996, became a Detective.  He has worked Burglaries, Assaults, Robberies, Hate Crimes, Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes.  He joined the terrorism unit two and a half years ago and has worked in intelligence, criminal and currently Terrorism Liaison Office Program.

August 2005
Our speaker this month is Ms. Diane Visencio, MPH, BSN, RN, PHN.  She is currently the Public Health Nurse Coordinator for Bioterrorism Education and Training for the Disaster Management Unit.  She is responsible for the assessment of education and training needs of health care providers and public health staff.  She has developed and implemented training in the area of background knowledge of bioterrorism, emergency preparedness, incident command system, disease surveillance, case investigations, and the use of personal protective equipment.  Diane will be speaking on the protocols regarding disaster preparedness and the preparation needed in case of a bioterrorism attack.

June 2005
No guest speaker assigned at this meeting.  We will be installing the new officers for the 2005-2006 year.  Come and support the new officers as they start this new year.

April 2005
Jeff Malek, Trial Lawyer, is an honors graduate from UCLA.  He specializes in the area of labor law, discrimination, products liability, and OSHA law for 20 years.  His firm, Malek & Malek, has three offices in California.  He has tried numerous jury trials on these issues and is a frequent speaker among employer groups.  He is currently the Assistant Governor in Rotary International, and currently and adjunct professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills.  Apart from the law, he is an avid reader and bicyclist, completing on average 7,500 miles a year.  Jeff will be speaking on the new California Sexual Harassment Law and its impact on California’s workplace.

February 2005
Scott Hardy, MD, MPH, our February speaker, is board certified in occupational medicine and medical toxicology by the American Board of Preventative Medicine.  Dr. Hardy attended residency at the University of California, Irvine, where he is on the clinical facility.  He serves as a consultant to government and industry on occupational health issues through affiliation with Work Care, and occupational medicine consulting company, in Orange, California.  Dr. Hardy is a medical review officer (MRO) and is involved in preventative workplace substance abuse programs and the objective interpretation of drug screening results.  He will be speaking on Substance Abuse in the Workplace.