2004 Program

CSSSP is proud to present outstanding speakers at our bi-monthly meetings.  These presentations help educate our members and keep them current in their profession.

August 2004
Paul Simmonds, our August speakers, is Director of Corporate Sales for MagnaCarda, Inc., headquartered in Newport Beach, CA.  Paul has an international engineerings an manufacturing background working with innovative products and technical solutions.  MagnaCarda provides “Secured Card Solutions” that use encrypted biometrics for identification systems.
Since September 11, government agencies and major corporations are increasingly looking for technologies that will provide and safer and more secure workplaces.  An obvious part of any solution involves fast, accurate and reliable identification.  Mr. Simmonds will discuss MagnaCarda’s turnkey solutions that address these concerns.

June 2004
Mr. Joseph M. Kaplan, President of the Los Angeles Safety Council spoke on the recent changes in the National Safety Council’s move and opening of its new offices at 600 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1263.  He discussed what this means to a continued mission to educate an influence our society to adopt safety, health and environmental policies, practices and procedures that will prevent and mitigate human suffering and economic losses arising from preventable causes.

April 2004
Mr. Michael Nicholas of California Loss Control presented information of the Workers Compensation Reform that is forthcoming.

February 2004
Captain Ernesto Ojeda of the Los Angeles City Fire Department was our speaker.  He is currently assigned to the Urban Search And Rescue Rig at Fire Station 88.  This assignment is dispatched to all technical rescues in the city including Trench Rescues, Permit Confined Space Rescues, Swift water Rescues, Rope Rescues, Building Collapses and a variety of other runs.  Currently, he is the Co-Chair of the California Office of Emergency Services Urban Search And Rescue Training Committee.  He is also the FEMA DHS National Chairman for the Urban Search And Rescue Training Working Group.

October 2004
Ms. Joy Jones, Vice President and Regional Manager for Gateway Business Bank in Lakewood discussed about identify theft as the growing crime in the US.  She discussed about dumpster diving, mail theft and lifting wallets as current crime happenings.  She discussed steps you can take to minimize/prevent others from getting your secured information.

December 2004
Mr. Jim Mathers, VP Distribution, North America for Cardiac Science, Inc.  He is responsible for development, support and revenue generation of all distribution partnerships and OEM partnerships.  He discussed about how to create a heart safe workplace through proper AED program deployment.