2002 Program

CSSSP is proud to present outstanding speakers at our bi-monthly meeting.  These presentations help educate our members and keep them current in their profession.

February 2002
Mr. Ted Gegoux, Area Emergency Manager with Veterans Affairs just returned from World Trade Center’s ground zero.  He presented a slide show of the safety and security issues at ground zero in New York City.

April 2002
Mr. Kami Sabetzadeh, Mr. Fred Reed (President of Penrose Communications, Inc.), and Mr. Michael Julian (Director of National Business Investigations, Inc.). The discussed about CCTV industry and this can help maintain a safe working environment.
As a special guest, we had Ms. Mary C. Meglemre, author of “Me and Mr. G” was present to sign autographs of her book detailing about the security measures she encountered as she crossed paths with many Hollywood stars in tinsel town.

June 2002
Dr. Margaret Gordon, Ph.D.  Dean of Extended Education at CSUDH provided an overview of the progress being made to obtain an approval form the OSHA Training Institute to become an approved “OSHA Training Education Center” at CSUDH Extended Education Department.

August 2002
Mr. Warren Etchells, who recently retired from Bureau of Investigations (BOI) with CAL/OSHA as their Senior Investigator discussed about his role when investigating serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

October 2002
Ms. Chris M. Wright, President and CEO of Wright Group, a firm that does all types of investigations including fraud in the work environment, background investigations, and business-related issues.  She discussed about pre-employment screenings and hiring to prevent violence in the workplace.

December 2002
Mr. Patrick Moffett, works at Environmental Management & Engineering, Inc.  Mr. Moffett discussed about “Mold Awareness in the Work Environment”.  He has done many work projects dealing with water damage remediation and indoor air quality studies.